Om Hayagriva Namaha
"Jananada mayam devam
nirmala Sparikakritim Aadharam Sarva Vidyanam Hayagrivam upasmahe!!! "

Welcome To Chutti Genius


Every Child is Genius in World !

Genius is not a subject it’s something vision of future !

welcome to chutti Genius ! 

we care to Create a seed as a tree !!

Chutti Genius is a play school where playing learning and enjoying every minute, thats what we aim to do. Our firm belief is to stimulate the child’s imagination by providing them opportunities to grow and develop while observing, listening, playing, reading and writing.
At Chutti Genius, we strive to make everyday a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what intersts and inspires them. It is our joy and pleasure to offer chutti genius as a second home for setting the children to playschool. Be sure your child is in a safe and comportable atmosphere where learning is full of fun!!!!

Our Features

Activity Based Learning
play methodology learning
Playing, Knowing, Growing
Creative Ideas Through Events
individual Attention
Self Care Skill
Eradicates Negative Behaviour
Behaviour Skills Training
Boost self Confidence
Increase Intelligence
Sharpens Your Child’s Mind
Improved Academic Performance
Healthy Food Habits
Quick Recalling Ability
Focus On  Children All Round Develpoment