Welcome To Chutti Genius

” Every Child is Genius in World !

Genius is not a subject it’s something vision of future !

welcome to chutti Genius !

we care to Create a seed as a tree !!! “

CHUTTI GENIUS  is a play school where playing learning and enjoying every minute, thats what we aim to do. Our firm belief is to stimulate the child’s imagination by providing them opportunities to grow and develop while observing, listening, playing, reading and writing.
At Chutti Genius, we strive to make everyday a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what intersts and inspires them. It is our joy and pleasure to offer chutti genius as a second home for setting the children to playschool. Be sure your child is in a safe and comportable atmosphere where learning is full of fun!!!!

Our Motto

To make the child, love their education.

“In play way method by visual learning  and
Kinesthetic learning”.


Challanged Children:


  • TaciturnTrainig

  • Tongueless Lacking

  • Tongueless

  • Lacking Sharpness or Quickness 0f Sensibility or intellect 

  • Personality Development

  •  PLE

  • DA

  • Behaviour Skill training

  • Lack of Attention

  • Hyper Activity 


Our Features

Day Care with food (Your mom’s homes)

Age – 9 months to 11 years

Timing – 8.00am to 9.00pm

If you are looking for a reliable and caring place to entrust the responsibilty of looking after your little one, while you are at work or with after-school care for your school-going child.

(We offer nutrition food, Organic snack and Milk for your child.)

Play Group

"Chutti Genius seeks to promote and strengthen healthy physical, social and emotional development as well as provide the optimum opportunities for intellectual development."

Age 1.5 years +


" Nursery is a group of equal aged adaptable and sociable children who get into group playing and learning from various sources. "

Age 2.6 years +

Junior - KG

" Chutti Genius is focused on developing the foundational skills that prepare students for formal schooling. We teach the children to adapt to a classroom setting and thereby enable them to sit and listen, to obey teachers, and to cooperate with other fellow students. "

Age 3.6 years +

Senior - KG

"Chutti Genius provides challenging and attractive learning experiences that will build children’s confidence, encourage them to continue to see learning as both enjoyable and useful and provide a strong foundation for their future intellectual, physical, and social development."

Age 4.6 years +

Why Chutti GeniusPlay School ?

At chutti genius we have set up the environment in such a way that it enlightens the child's growth. We introduce them to different streams of learning like art, physics, education, rhymes, music dance, slokas, creative concepts, craft, enriching memory skills, thinking skills, funny games. In order to encourage healthy bodies as well as engaged minds we offer a wide variety of organic meals and we ensure that friuts, vegetables, whole grains, and snacks with protiens.In festival days we offer traditional religious food by knowing of states, religions and persons. As our approach to day care in holistic, we believe that nutrition is an important part of your child's development.

Happy Parent's Say

It was a great event, and a kids enjoyed a lot.All such events are great going, keep it up! Happy to all!!
I heartfully thank the team for the full academic year incridable skills,talent,exposure abilities, focus & overall all performance & kid has been too good.
We are so happy!!! Thank you all the teachers great going!! we as parent krithin enjoyed the whole will this atmosphere our best wishes to the schools & teachers!! All the best!!